Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Chaos ensues

I love to dance, I danced my whole adolescent life and I now take an adult dance class and it is my time to be me, to not be a wife or a mom. Sometimes we need to step away from those things that we "think" define us and find ourselves again, if only for a moment. 

This weekend my twins are in Ballet Arts Center's production of the Nutcracker. We have dress rehearsal this evening and our performances on Friday and Saturday  night. To say that I'm probably more excited and nervous than them is an understatement. :) 

I hope to post photos tomorrow of dress rehearsal. 
For now, random shots. Oh how I miss summer.... warmth, sunshine, shorts and flip flops... think warm with me. It looks to be a cold day today. 
Have a great day, it's sleeting here. LOVELY... 

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