Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Saturday's session

I think I'm caught up, for the most part. The good thing about the rain, it gave me some needed time to catch up in editing, filling orders, revising xmas cards, etc. The bad thing, I will be behind again after three sessions on Friday and three on Sunday due to rescheduling. GRRR

But, that is ok.
Here are a few favs of mine from this past Saturday. This little guy was on the move. Full of energy and wonder. My favorite is the first one, I love how the sun was shining just right.
Hope everyone is having a super week so far.

Monday, October 26, 2009

so behind in posting

But I'm getting there, trying to catch up. ;) Senior session from last Wednesday. I think we had fun and Columbia Park is BEAUTIFUL right now.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tuesday's Senior Session

Seriously, I had so much fun doing this session. We started at the St Joe Mine's historical site and got scolded for going over rope. :) Oops... then we ended at the quarry behind MAC. Love senior sessions so much, they get me out of a funk. :)

Sessions from this past week

Family session on Monday

So I was going to move, but now typepad is ticking me off. At the beginning of the new year I'm going to invest in a blog from Blu (who my site is with) so for now I'll stick with blogger.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Moving officially

now. :) New blog....


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Near and dear to my heart

A contact of mine on Facebook is a photographer, an amazing photographer, a mother, a wife, a woman, a daughter, maybe a sister and a fellow human being. She is a survivor of cancer, breast cancer I believe (Lidia I hope you correct me if I'm wrong) but being on the opposite side, I know what her family went through as my mother is also a survivor of breast cancer. These women are the lucky ones.... and the fighters.

Lidia is taking her passion for photography and her huge heart and starting a foundation, nationwide, to photograph families of children with cancer.. and the children of course. This is a HUGE thing to do, she has money to raise, people to appoint, contacts to make, I can not even imagine what else she has to do... but she is doing it and doing it well. I believe that she is half way to her goal right now. As a mother, it touches me to photograph children of any kind, but when you get to peek into the special life of a child that is ill or has a disability it is even more special. These children touch my heart, they don't realize they are sick, they are just kids. There is a commercial on the radio that says "Agenda of a 6 year old" and the little voice lists things like "count the stars, skip rope, play with my best friend Sam" and the one big thing that is not and should not be on their mind is being sick or feeling bad... though all too often that is on a little ones mind.
I'm so fortunate, I gave birth to three healthy, beautiful children... I was even given two at once with the girls. It sometimes makes me think "why was I one of the lucky ones" you know... guilty, because all too often I take my children for granted. I get aggrivated at them for not picking stuff up, I'm too tired to chase them, but I should be thankful that they are healthy enough to run around and scream and giggle... I need to step back and take these moments in.

So, here is the link to Lidia's blog, she is an amazing woman.... I hope that you all can pass this along as well and spread the word.

And here's to you Lidia, may you always be blessed, you are one special person.


My Monday session

From my session last night. I photographed this little beauty back in May and had the opportunity to photograph her again. Such a little doll.
It is so awesome when my clients have the same vision as me, meaning the chair in this and the awesome zebra print jacket, which I think may have been accident, I don't know, but I love it. lol though most of my clients do have the same vision or want the same photos that I do, or they wouldn't come to me for this type of quirky style, the unposed, the unplanned shots.
Thanks to the Wilsons for allowing me to photograph your little beauty again!