Friday, January 30, 2009

For bebe

"I wish you could step out of yourself and just look"  - The Dreamers

A very good friend of mine had to remind me today that I need to do this every now and then. It's hard, I get caught up in kids and housework and I forget these things, that I am a woman, that I am sensual and compassionate and passionate. That I need to look in the mirror and see that person looking back at me. 
This is for you bebe... thank you for being a friend and for reminding me of such important things. 

After a long long week of snow days maybe they will actually go on Monday, God willing. :D 

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Anonymous said...

it's good to take a moment and reflect and have that outer body moment. Not for the fact to seeeho you are, where you are but what you have become. For myself it has never worked, I see the evil side in myself. I always see the past for the things that I have done that I am not sure if they are right are wrong. Things that I have only done that were asked of me, but these things are my evil sights and sounds and I leran to live with them. So I am very glad that you have found happiness and peace within yourself because if there is anyone that I know and love that desevers it, it is you bubbles. ;>