Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sooo tired

Dress rehearsal last night went ok. I am a dresser for the girls for Friday night, then they are assigned two different people for Saturday. There is a "90 second change" from a girl to a mouse and it's a DOOZY. We did for Friday's run through, um Saturday's... well, they didn't get the right tights pulled off and their mousey tights on. Not a big deal, hopefully for Saturday night they will. It was exciting, it made me miss dancing SO MUCH. Yes I could have been an "adult" in it, but I'm a DANCER and the adult parts are just, well, dancing with a partner, no I would have wanted to be the Sugar Plum Princess. :) I'll download my photos today and sort through them. The girls did such a wonderful job, they really really did. They were born to do this, their stage presence is UNREAL. No fear, they smile, not a fake one either, a true genuine smile. 
They are my little stars. 
Now I need coffee and a good man to get it for me. :) Know any? 


Valerie said...

No but when you find one get me his friend! Yeah girls! Maybe they will be famous one day!

Emily said...

LOL Val... I sure will.
Maybe he will have a twin. :P