Friday, July 17, 2009

Wishing for school?

I hate to admit it, but I am. I don't remember being as bored as my children get in the summer. And I was an ONLY CHILD... maybe that is why I didn't get bored, I just used my imagination more, or... there were no computers and not as much on tv to watch. I mean, we only had 5 channels when I was a kid, we lived in the country and had no cable. So my summer has turned into an all day "try to keep them busy". Today I literally had to unplug the TV and computer and MAKE them go outside. It is a beautiful day today, it's cool and not humid and the sun is shining. They were outside for 10 minutes before a scuffle broke out. *insert me pulling out my hair* I only have three to keep busy, I can't imagine adding any more into the mix and trying to entertain.
And her tag line reads "One mom's journey to avoid the "I'm bored" summertime blues" 
how creative and fun is that. So this morning with a beautiful day ahead I decided we would do something FUN and free. :) 

I made up a list of items I wanted them to find, gave them a basket and off they went. At first the girls ran and I think Jack felt it was a race and he threw his basket down and announced he was NOT going to "hunt". But then we started to help him and walk slowly and he was better. 
After we found our items, the girls and I made a crown out of ivy and flowers. Jack didn't make a crown, but we had fun and killed at least an hour and a half this morning. 

Jack finding his first item

Headed down the lane to find wildflowers
Grace's basket
Gabby helping Jack pick little cornflowers
Gabby and her basket of goodies
a small treasure
an even smaller treasure 
Our treasures. 


Valerie said...

you are so cute! FUN!

Amy said...

I need to do this with my kids. So fun!

just a mom of four said...

i'm speechless! and honored!!!
your words mean so much. and i am thrilled beyond words to see how my blog has inspired a little summer fun for you and your kiddos!!!
so so touched!!!!!