Monday, July 27, 2009

Proofing galleries

This photo really has nothing to do with my post, but I hate posting and not adding any photo so here is a little photo of my cutie. :) 

Just an FYI for my clients. Your gallery is available for viewing after your  session for 2 weeks. If you need more time, that is certainly fine, I will leave it up for one month. But after that,  you will be charged a fee for the additional space that the gallery takes up on my site. So, if after a month, you still can't decide on what photos you want to order, your gallery will come down. You can email me and let me know if you want it to be posted again and I can do that, again for two weeks, anything after the two weeks, there will be a $10 fee added to your photo order. I wish that I didn't have to do things this way, but client galleries take up a lot of space on my site and if I go over, my server will charge me extra. Also, sometimes if I don't hear back from a client within a month of taking your photos, I pretty much think that you either 

As an incentive to order within the first two weeks of your session, you will receive %15 off of your total order. But only if you order before your two weeks expires. 
Thank you for understanding. :) 

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