Monday, July 20, 2009

Copyright and all that garbage.

Just an FYI for my clients and potential clients. 

The photos I take at your session are the property of E.M. Photography. That means that they can in no way be reproduced. This doesn't only mean scanning and sending them somewhere else to be printed, it also means to use them on the web. 
Of course, if you buy a CD with all rights, this does, in fact give you the right to make prints and use them on the web (although if you use them on the web, a little shout out would be nice ;) ) 
But if you don't purchase the rights then you aren't allowed, under copyright laws to reproduce them in any way. 
Now, I certainly don't mind, with my permission, if you use them on the web, as in social networking or your blog, just, again, give a little shout out as to who took them and whose work it is. It would be EXCELLENT advertising. 

But, this also means that from now on, everything that I do will have my logo on the bottom. The photos you buy and the photos that you get on a CD when you purchase it. It won't be large like when I post them on my blog, it will be down in the corner, but this is only to protect me and I hope that you all understand. I appreciate my clients so much. 
Identity theft (in the form of photos) online is a big thing. If you aren't aware of it, teens and adults from different countries, or even in the US try to download and save your/my photos all the time off of the web and use them as their own on sites like My Space, Orkut, and other networking sites. Many photographer friends of mine have had photos of their children and clients stolen off of Flickr and it is devastating. I had one stolen, that I  know of. It SUCKS. 

So this is only to protect me, to protect you as clients, it would be horrible for you to find your photos from your session on a site and someone else claiming them as their own. Especially if it is a photo of your child. These people were stealing them and then claiming that the children in the photo was theirs. Many photos of boys were stolen and used. This is the reason that all of us photographers now use our watermark on everything that we post. 

I hope that all of my wonderful clients understand this. If  you want to scan them and use them on your myspace, twitter, facebook, that is fine, just get my permission first and then, like I said, give me a little advertisement. ;) Also, I hope that the small watermark that will be on all photos at the bottom won't bother anyone. It is only to protect me and my work. 

Also, anyone who ordered photobooks the month of June, they are coming. I appologize for the delay. If you did order one and I haven't spoken to you yet about it, I'm offering a discount on your next session or a free print from your current session. They will be here by August 1st. :) 

With that said, if anyone is planning on ordering photo books for Christmas, then it would be wise to either get me your photos that you want in it (if it will be a group of photos from past sessions) or a new session, to me by October 31. This will be the cut off date. I had a hard time last year with one company, which I'm no longer using, but I don't want to have to rush and then my clients not get their books. It was a nail biter for me and a few clients last year to get them in time. And this will also allow time, if there are mistakes in books, for me to get it resolved with the company. As some know all too well, there were mistakes last year in some books and it was fixable, but it would have been a race against time and I hated it for the few that it happened to. I resolved it for them in other ways, but the fact remained that there were mistakes. :( 

That's it for me. I'm off to a job interview at a preschool. EEK! It's at Window Tree in Farmington, perfect for me. They only have school from 8-noon and they run with the school calendar, which means that they are not in session during the summer, Xmas break, etc. Perfect for me that has twin 8 year olds that are off at those times. This will not interfere with my photography, if it did I wouldn't even think about it. :) 

More later, we went to the lake yesterday and I have many photos to post. 

Until then... ciao. :) 

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