Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Preferred customer

Part of giving back is appreciating your clients, right? 
As I sat in line this afternoon to get coffee, free coffee because I had a punch card and after my 10th I get a cup for free, I started thinking how excited I get when I arrive to that 10th punch and know that my next cup will be free. I thought, "I need to somehow work this in to my business plan". I have a few clients that I have had the pleasure of photographing more than once and when it is a small child, it thrills me to be able to capture them for the parents at a certain age so you can go back and remember. 
So, here's my preferred customer plan...
I will ask you if you would like to be a preferred customer. I'll keep them in my book and update you through email. 
You book three sessions (you don't have to book them all at once, but after you have had a third session and order) you will receive a $50 credit for your 4th session order. There will be no expiration date. I will keep track for you and remind you that you will have a credit for your next session. My way of saying "thank you" for letting me be a part of your lives. Because without you all, where would I be?

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