Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One really good reason I hate the internet

Even though it has opened so many doors, made advertising cheaper, etc. There are a few downfalls. One, the website "associated content" any yay hoo in town can "write" an article and pretend to be an "expert" and some people (especially in small towns) will follow it like it is the gospel. 
Here is what I'm talking about

Basically this man claims that he checked out all of these photography studios in Park Hills, including me and he names packages etc and then he names who "HE THINKS" is the best for value. Um... well do you think that you "get what you pay for" I mean, yes you are going to have some that are cheaper, but do you want to go cheaper when you are talking photos? I think not. I wouldn't go to a cheaper photographer for any kind of photo, to me cheaper usually means less quality. I know that some photographer friends of mine think that I don't charge enough, especially for my session fee, but this area is so small and I'm comparable to the highest photographer in the area as far as session fees. 
He goes on to say that the kindness shown to him by each studio, this man never once contacted me for ANYTHING. He dotes on the "winner" or she is claiming that she was named "number one" at associated content for Park Hills, yet she doesn't have a web site. Her site is on My Space, that to me would be the first red flag. He also got my email address wrong when he posted it. 
So, you can go for cheap or you can go for quality and just a tad more. 

I shouldn't be so upset about this, I should just go on and leave it be. But I suppose the reason it makes me so angry is that the "number one" photographer is bragging and there is absolutely nothing to brag about. Ok, you are the cheapest, you are the best value. The cheapest steak is usually not the best cut, the cheapest car most of the time doesn't run for long. 

I'm finished... I just don't appreciate this man acting like he knows everything there is to know about MY business when he did not, not one time contact me for information. Expert... ha, maybe at pretending to be an expert. 

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