Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm the best looking guy in town and I like it...

As I said before, we rented Disney's Cars for Wii... he is HOOKED. There are a few advantages to this addiction
1. I get a lot done
2. I'm hooked on this song now, it plays during one of the races... it's so darn cool.... I love it! Get past the talking in the beginning, french maybe (?) and then OH YEAH.... turn it up and listen LOUD! 

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chiaki said...

Ha ha ha...be careful about the lyrics of the original release by this Danish band. ^^ It was very much cleaned up for the "Cars" game for children.

The original (as shown on your Youtube link) talks about getting laid (!) in the very first line, then in the second part after the chorus talks about making his partner come (thus prompting the "Ah ah ah" lyric.) So, word of warning, it might be a good idea to only play the video game version around your young son! :)