Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"I don't know if there's one right place I'm supposed to be, he said, but there are a few wrong places I'd give a second try in a heartbeat." - Story People 

This was taken at Bobby's Hobbys... we pass this place a lot, it is on the outer road on the way to Farmington. Every time we pass Jack says "mommy, I go there, I go there" so today, with daddy on vacation we made a special trip. For someone who doesn't really like vintage and retro cars, well you would be bored, but for a photographer and a little boy that loves anything with wheels, we were in HEAVEN. 
We found out that "Bobby" is 82 and this is purely his hobby, the man that was working there told us that half of the time, people may come in and want to buy and he will have a price on it but won't sell.... this photo is in front of a black t-bird that I would have give my left pinkie for... OMG, it was SWEET. But, there are also so many neat rusty old cars as well that I would KILL for. :) 
We will go back, Jack had such a good time and I'm going to see if maybe I can take a client or two. 

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