Friday, February 6, 2009

Thought for the day..

"I learned not to look too closely, she said, otherwise I'd keep finding out stuff that would bug me and we'd never get along" - Story People 

Yes, again with Story People, it is the most amazing site. So many wonderful "stories". 
TGIF I'm so happy the sun is out, it is warm, I'm sure that winter is only teasing us but it's nice while it lasts... 

Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to get out this weekend and shoot and not freeze my fingers off. 

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dazed and confused said...

Your right why look to close you never know who is looking behind you and who you may hurt in the look run. Whats right and whats wrong? look but don't touch, touch but do't feel, listen but don't hear, hear but don't listen? What is common ground and what is smothering? These are the problems a relationship/marriage tends to have once it becomes stale snd sometimes hopeless. You try to fight for what you have but what you truly have is what you had in the past and not now. People grow just like plants and animals and sometimes we forget, no I am not talking about children because that is a given, relationships tend to spawn new wings. Wings that are good and wings that are not so good wondering eyes can be hurtful yet exciting love is crazy and love is strange but how does an honest to god faithful person who has left his family many times for employment reason, not by choice,for long lenghs of time jump this hurrdle and find light at the end of the tunnel?!?!?!