Friday, December 19, 2008

Random things about me

On Flickr there is a game of random'ness. I decided it would be fun to post it on here. So, here are some random facts about me. 

1. I'm an only child, though I do have a step brother and step sister
2. I only ever wanted one child, ended up with 3
3. I was such a lazy child, it wasn't even funny, my mother said "I hope you have children just like you" guess what? :/ I DID 
4. I've been to Australia and it is everything you can imagine and more, it is amazing, so laid back, the people are wonderful and the accents, well they are SEXY which leads me to number
5. I love an accent, it is one of my "things" total turn on, british accents, aussie accents.. whew
6. I love a man in uniform, not a prison uniform, but a uniform :P 
7. I'm a hopeless romantic
8. I love frozen cokes from BK
9. I would have 10 children if we had a huge house and money to support us all
10. Rude people totally annoy me, if you don't get what you want, don't be rude, you get more bees with honey my dears
11. I'm always happy (to other people, I hide my feelings well) 
12. Outside of my family, people seldom know what is going on or how I am
13. When I go to a restaurant and find a dish I like, I eat it every time, never stray away from it
14. I love to cook and secretly would love to be a chef
15. I'm a little OCD about certain things, yet other things don't bother me a bit
16. I am diagnosed ADD, which explains ALOT
17. I'm a beauty school drop out
18. I hated beauty school, hence the drop out
19. I met my best friend on the internet, met her in person and then we traveled around the world to spend time with her and her family
20. If you can make me laugh, you are IN... (I think that's a repeat from an earlier post) 


Valerie said...

Love that you shared this!!! I will do my but trying to figure out how the hell to use my remote blah,...hehehe

Emily said...

lol you are too funny girl.
I need to come and check on your blog.